What happened to Photosynth for WP7?

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@ @ Where is Photosynth for WP7? Mango is released, the camera API is here! Come on! http://t.co/Bn2Sn5ds

Almost 7 months ago, Microsoft’s official Bing blog announced that Photosynth was released on iOS, and that “the Photosynth app is coming next to a Windows Phone near you”.

6 months ago, the Photosynth team stated:

Windows Phone 1.0 didn’t have the video mode API’s to allow us to provide the capture experience that everyone loves about our app…. Mango appears to have the right APIs.  We are working with them now.

Fast forward to the Mango-licious present, and there still is no Photosynth app. With the Mango developer tools being available for months, and Mango officially being released to the public over a month ago, this is ridiculous that Microsoft’s own services are neglecting Windows Phone.

Send the Photosynth team an email (photosynth@live.com) explaining that they need to release a WP7 app ASAP, since the Mango tools are now available! They promised it would be coming “soon”, yet nothing is here!

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